Something to celebrate? Then you have come to the right place. In Het Leven we have a beautiful café where you can have a drink and a party. We have room for 140 people. Het Leven is also an attractive location for a drink or dinner with small groups. Groups of more than 10 people we offer a table buffet or a la carte.

Table buffet

In three courses we serve different starter, main and desserts from the menu on large, beautifully prepared dishes. There is something for everyone, because we serve meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.
Price per person: € 28.50

You can also choose for two courses. Then there is a choice of a variety of starters + main courses or you choose a variety of main courses + desserts.
Price per person: € 26.50

A la carte

If you are with a large group (more than 10 people) and want to eat a la carte, that is also possible. We use a special a la carte for large groups.

Any questions or specific wishes? Feel free to contact us.